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TMap to Positano

How to get to Positano

Getting to Positano might be quite a challange; it is however widely rewarded by the beauty of this unque place. We have resumed some travel information in this page, with links to other resources on the Web. Note that the information given might change without notice. You are kindly requested to verify directly with the carriers before taking your travel arrangements.

Directions from NAP

The main transportation hubs for Positano are Naples, Sorrento, and Salerno, all reachable by train.

From there the main public transport are Sita busses (See 5070 Timetable on the link here on the right) and, in the summer season, ferries.

Closest Airport: Naples Capodichino (NAP)

SITA busses

Arriving from Naples Airport

We recommend advance booking of a taxi. We can arrange taxi transfer either by limousine (3 passengers) or mini-van (up to 8 passengers).
As an alternative to the taxi there is a private shuttle bus service from the airport: Currieri Viaggi .

Arriving from Naples City

There is a local commuter train that connects Naples to Sorrento: Circumvesuviana. From Sorrento to Positano you can either book a taxi or take the SITA bus line.

Private taxi

Arriving from Salerno

Travelmar provides a ferry service to Positano (see schedule: http://www.travelmar.it/en/). The ticket price is approximately €12.00. Travel time 70 minutes. Please check the online schedule for confirmation, phone +39 089 872950. The seaway to Positano is fascinating. You will sail for a bit more than one hour along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Note however that the connections to Positano might be interrupted in case of rough weather. Ships are leaving from the harbor in Salerno (Concordia dock, 800m from the railway station).
There are porters at the arrival of the ferry in Positano and you can ask to take your luggage directly to Casa San Matteo, so you don’t have to carry it along. The porters usually charge 15 Euro per luggage.

Arriving from Rome

By train Ferrovie dello Stato, to Naples or Salerno.

By bus Marozzi from Rome (Stazione Tiburtina), website only in Italian and rather clumsy. Get off at Positano - Chiesa Nuova.

Request a taxi. We can arrange taxi transfer either by limousine (3 passengers) or mini-van (up to 8 passengers).

Travelmar ferry

Travelmar ferry from Salerno

Arriving by car.

In case you intend to drive to Positano (although a car is neither needed nor recommended):
On the inner road parking places are limited and reserved for residents. You can park for free on the National Road (Strada Nazionale) or in one of many private parking at approximately 20 Euro per day. For the unloading of your luggage you can stop your car at the top of Via Monte, the little stairway that leads to Casa San Matteo. Dowload travel directions from Naples.

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