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With its vaulted ceilings, arches and niches, this 18th Century villa is an impressive example of the classical Mediterranean architecture with a distinctively Moorish feel.
It is located half way between the upper Positano and the beach and is surrounded by gardens, an unique feature for the centre of Positano, where houses are usually built one attached to the other.
The rooms are spacious, with high vaulted ceilings. The dome shaped roof is painted in white to protect the villa from the summer heat. The villa has been restored and refurbished, respecting the austerity of a grand and impressive Mediterranean Country House. The main challenge in the refurbishment has been installing the comforts nowadays expected in an upscale villa without modifying the original architectural layout. Particular care has been given to the decoration, aiming to elegant rigour and well-balanced colour and choice of materials.
The furniture is tasteful without being excessive. The walls are decorated with original paintings of the family collection. Ergonomic aspects have played a central role in the selection of the bedroom furniture. To assure the privacy of our guests, all three apartments have separate entrances and their own private terrace, opening the view to the most extraordinary panorama of the Amalfi Coast.

Historical pictures of Casa San Matteo in the last Century

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